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START DATE for this blog: July 1, 2017

END DATE: April 28, 2018

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The LAST This Week’s Words

The newsletter is a “Go”!

After I mentioned the possibility last week, I have had enough interest in an e-mailed newsletter that I have decided to create one quarterly, with the first one in June.  It will be an informal newsletter, possibly containing humor, personal updates, photos, commentary, poetry, etc.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list (to remain “in the loop”), send me a message (you can leave the “website” field blank):

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After giving careful thought about what I wanted the last words  to BE after an eight-year blogging career, I’ve decided to sign off with this simple poem:

In the Sunflower Field

One tall sunflower
high above the ground
cried “Notice me!  Notice me!
I’m too tall to be found!”

One short sunflower,
shorter than the rest,
cried “Woe is me!  Woe is me!
No one will think me best!”

One soaring blackbird,
one little boy,
each found a sunflower–
all found joy.

Copyright © 2018 by John Arthur Robinson

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Second-to-Last This Week’s Words

For the Record

Between November 1, 2010, and today, counting both the statistics from The Daily Graff and The After Graff:

Posts: 1,675
Followers: 1,248
Visitors: 14,869
Comments Left: 15,063
Page Hits: 69,662

I Thank You ALL

I had no way of knowing when I launched The Daily Graff nearly 8 years ago (see the first post here) that it would be such a ride!  During the 7-year run of The Daily Graff, I loved sharing my own photos, complete with funny titles and captions.  (You can see a gallery of over 270 reader favorites here.)

I have become friends with many of you through the two blogs.  I have appreciated and enjoyed your comments on my blogs, and I have enjoyed commenting on yours.  Sharing my photos, puns, and thoughts has been a most rewarding experience.

Are you interested in an occasional John Arthur Robinson Newsletter?

Although I don’t know if I will be blogging again, I’m considering putting out an occasional, very informal e-mail newsletter with humor, personal updates, commentary, new poems, photos, etc.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list (to remain “in the loop”), e-mail me at If I get enough interest, I’ll put out the newsletter from time to time (at least four times per year).

How to Access all the Blog Posts

You will always be able to access the posts from both blogs, but you must use these links that contain the word “wordpress” in the URL):

Someone Else Has Purchased My Domain Name

Once I stop paying the annual fee for the domain names, someone else can purchase them.  In fact, someone else is now using (click on the link and see the new owners–I am not now in the home-decor business!).

In hindsight, I wish I had continued to pay the small annual fee to retain control of TheDailyGraff name, but it’s too late now. I thought that the chance of anyone wanting to buy the name was small.  (Why someone would choose it for a home-decor site puzzles me.)  I’m lucky that the new owners feature home-decor items and not something that would embarrass me.

Once again, thank you for your interest in my blogs.


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Third-to-Last This Week’s Words

The Ultimate Insult

One of my lifelong pet peeves has been the habit of restaurants to serve biscuits or rolls with one little pat or one tiny tub of butter for each roll.  It’s a known law of the universe that it takes at least one little pat or one tiny tub of butter for each half of a roll or biscuit, and it’s maddening to have to “make do” with half of the needed “spread.”  No amount of gymnastic “spreading” will enable the provided butter to adequately cover the biscuits/rolls.

This past summer I attended my 50th High School reunion.  The venue was not only most generous with the butter they supplied for the buffet, but they were insanely excessive by supplying two 9″ x 13″ VATS of butter (Click on the “Home” link below to see the photo).  The attendees barely put a dent in one of the pans.  One-fourth of one of the pans would have been more butter than the crowd needed.

What really makes me sick is the knowledge that all that unused butter would have to be thrown out.  I doubt that state laws would allow it to be reused.  My question to the venue would be this: “In what staff meeting was it decided to supply a banquet with more than enough butter for every roll or biscuit consumed in the entire nation during that evening?”

THERE, I’ve gotten that off my chest.  No need to butter me up with excessive comments.

Copyright © 2018 by John Arthur Robinson


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Fourth-to-Last This Week’s Words

Announcing The End

With gratitude to my long-time followers and apologies to my more-recent followers, I have decided to end my eight-year blogging career on the last Saturday in April. I have a number of “excuses,” but the most important one is that maintaining this blog has become a chore.  It’s not fun anymore.

Less-important excuses are:

(1) I’m facing back surgery, and until that happens, I can’t stand very long or walk very far,  (2) if I continue my blog after May, I will have to pay the annual fee of $36.00 for the domain name, and (3) my career as an artist and photographer is taking off, requiring more of my attention (e.g., my Art from Leftover Parts sculptures were exhibited in two local libraries during the last 2 months; I have a booth this weekend at a local art fest where I am selling both my framed and unframed photos to the public for the first time; and I have 10 months to prepare enough large-format photos for a major gallery show of my work during March, 2019).

My “hobbies” of taking photos for my photoblog and of tinkering with odds and ends at my workbench have led to my debut as a professional photographer and artist.  The feedback I have been getting for my photography and art has been most gratifying.  After 40 years of being an unfulfilled manuscript editor, I am finally getting recognized for what I love to do.  None too soon–I will be 70 next year.  I’m proof that you’re never too old to redefine who you are!

Through my blog, I have developed friendships with people all over the world, and that has been the greatest benefit from being a blogger.  I want to maintain those friendships.  My blog is going away, but I’m not.  I have cherished my interaction with all of you over the years and look forward to continued interaction in the future.


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